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September 6, 2009
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Shepard and Garrus by theangrybee Shepard and Garrus by theangrybee
Artwork by Mad Bee, do not upload, alter, claim, trace or use this image without my permission.

Edit: And then they got battle scars several years later.

Edit 5/8/2010: This was my first ever try at drawing a Turian.

Shepard and Garrus, kicking ass and taking names.

The Armor is loosely based on the Colossus armor, from the game, mixed with Neon Genesis Evangelion plug suits. I added extra parts that glow, because i felt like it.

I had to guess at allot of the Sniper rifle and Pistol parts, because i didn't have very good reference material at the time. I also just picked the color scheme for the guns, out of the blue.

-Mad Bee

Garrus, Turians, Shepard and all related Mass Effect game material (c) Bioware
Please do not trace, copy, upload or use this image with out my permission
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